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Increased Run-Off Coverage Protection

Eligibility Optional for LAWYERS who have only standard Run-Off Coverage and would like to increase Run-Off Coverage protection.

Eligible LAWYERS include: retired LAWYERS, estate trustees, emeritus LAWYERS, judges, in-house corporate counsel, government LAWYERS, educators and others no longer in active private practice or no longer practising law.


Run-Off Coverage protection can be increased to the following limits:

Coverage Limits Coverage Terms
$500,000 per claim/aggregate 2-5 years
$1 million per claim/$2 million in the aggregate 2-5 years

Innocent Partner Buy-Up (sublimit coverage within Run-Off Buy-Up Coverage) can be increased to the following limits:

Coverage Limits Coverage Terms
$500,000 per claim/aggregate 2-5 years
$1 million per claim/$1 million in the aggregate 2-5 years

Coverage for certain services as estate trustee, trustee for inter vivos trust, or power of attorney
If you are electing exemption on the basis that you are named or act as estate trustee, trustee for inter vivos trust or attorney for property even though the rest of your practice is being wound down, you may wish to apply for and purchase protection for these services yet to be performed.

Although the standard $250,000 Run-Off Coverage does not provide protection for these services, you may apply for and purchase expanded coverage for these services. This expanded protection may be included within the $250,000 Run-Off Coverage limit, or Increased Run-Off Coverage limits outlined above. Through a deeming provision, services of this type that have yet to be performed may be included under the Run-Off Coverage protection provided to you.

With regard to this expanded protection:

  • your role as trustee or attorney for property must be residual work from your past practice in Ontario, and not where you have only been named in retirement or once you have changed to a non-practising status;
  • coverage may apply in respect of a single trusteeship or power of attorney, or in respect of a number of trusteeships and/or powers of attorney;
  • coverage would not apply in the case of a trusteeship or attorney for property in respect of your own family members;
  • coverage would not apply in respect of any dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act(s) or omission(s);
  • availability and conditions may apply, based on individual underwriting.
Coverage terms

In selecting the term, you are deciding the period of time during which you will have protection against claims that together may otherwise exceed the standard $250,000 aggregate Run-Off limit protection. You are also establishing the exposure to claims that the increased aggregate limit under the Increased Run-Off Coverage protection is likely to have.

Once your additional limit term has expired, you can apply for further term policy coverage. If you choose not to re-apply, your coverage limits will return to the $250,000 per claim/aggregate limit, subject to any claims already reported while on exemption. This includes claims reported while any Increased Run-Off Coverage protection was in force, since your Increased Run-Off Coverage protection provides increased limit protection only, and does not replace the standard Run-Off Coverage.


Increased Run-Off Coverage protection is underwritten on an individual LAWYER basis, depending on several factors including: the number of years you practised, area(s) of law in which you practised, and how long it has been since you were in private practice.
To apply First-time applicants

Please apply at least 60 days before the coverage is to be in place, to ensure there is no gap in coverage and the requested coverage limits are in effect.

This is particularly important for LAWYERS leaving private practice and applying to increase Run-Off Coverage protection as you want to ensure the desired coverage limits are in effect on the day you actually leave private practice.

Application to Increase Run-Off Coverage Protection
Key DatesMore

January 31, 2018
Real estate and civil litigation transaction levies and forms are due for the quarter ended December 31, 2017.

February 6, 2018
Lump sum payment of 2018 premium by cheque or pre-authorized bank account withdrawal received on or before this date are eligible for a $50 (per lawyer) early payment discount on the 2018 policy premium (see the 2018 Program Guide for details).


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