LAWPRO Digital Report 2018

A careful balance

We work to respond to the changing nature of legal services while attempting to match premiums to risk and keep the insurance program financially healthy and fair.

Consistent areas of loss

Litigation and real estate have the highest claims costs at 29% and 22% respectively.

% of gross claims costs as at February 28, 2019

Communication failures

Communication errors between lawyer and client continue to be the most common cause of loss, with inadequate investigation, time management, and errors of law following in sequence.

MAP counselling on the rise

We believe the promotion of mental health is an important part of claims prevention. LAWPRO provides approximately half of the funding for Ontario’s Member Assistance Program (MAP).

Open claims files

The number of claims reported to LAWPRO reached 2,774 continuing an upward trend that started in 2006. Our open claims files total reached a high of just over 4,000 in 2018.

Claims rate

The claims rate per 1,000 lawyers has been relatively steady over the last 10 years.

As at February 28, 2019

Financial results

237.3% Minimum Capital Test was right on target

Customer service

LAWPRO takes its commitment to customer service seriously. Every call and email is important to us.

Our claims philosophy

LAWPRO’s focused claims management philosophy sees us resolve claims quickly in situations where there is liability, defend vigorously if the claim has no merit and avoid economic settlements.

Summary of litigation results in 2018


  • 6 out of 7 matters that went to trial and for which a decision was rendered
  • 23 of 29 summary judgment applications
  • 7 of 10 summary judgment appeal decisions

Celebrating 20 years!

LAWPRO Excess insurance

Our Excess program insures:

  • 1,512 firms
  • 3,817 lawyers
  • Retention rate of 98%
  • 15% of firms of <50 lawyers

Why consider Excess insurance from LAWPRO?

  • Protection against a large claim
  • No gaps in coverage
  • Only one notice of claim to report a claim
  • Competitive pricing

TitlePLUS - reasonable premiums, broad coverage

TitlePLUS helps homeowners understand the value of title insurance and the role of lawyers in real estate transactions.

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