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Risk Management Credit Program

List of Programs That Qualify for LAWPRO® Risk Management Credit

LAWPRO Risk Management program

To encourage participation in CPD programs that include risk management content, LAWPRO will offer a $50 Premium Credit (to a maximum of $100) for each qualifying CPD program you complete. The Risk Management Credit is applicable to Standard coverage, and cannot be applied to Run-off or Excess policy premiums.

To qualify, you must complete the online Declaration on LAWPRO's website by September 15 each year, indicating which approved program(s) you completed between that date and September 16 the previous year. The maximum $100 credit will be applied to your insurance premium for the following year, and will be reflected in the invoice sent to you in October.

You can claim the credit for participating in an approved CPD program via a live or archived webcast, provided you watch the entire program and have a copy of the program materials. You are also eligible for the Risk Management Credit if you chair or speak at a qualifying program, provided you attend the entire program. Completing 3 new modules of the Online COACHING Centre (OCC) also qualifies for one $50 premium credit per year. Completing one Homewood e-Learning course through the Law Society's Member Assistance Plan ( also qualifies for one $50 premium credit.

The LAWPRO Risk Management credit is based around a twelve-month period that runs from September 16 to September 15, with the credit to be applied to the subsequent premium year (e.g. programs attended and declared between September 16, 2014 and September 15, 2015 qualify for the 2016 credit). You can also claim the credit for reviewing an approved program as a video replay on an archived webcast, CD-ROM or audio tape, provided you watch or listen to the entire program and have a copy of the program materials.

Key DatesMore

July 31, 2016
Real estate and civil litigation transaction levies and forms are due for the quarter ended June 30, 2016.

September 15, 2016
File your LAWPRO Risk Management Declaration by this date to qualify for the $50 premium discount on your 2017 premium for each LAWPRO-approved CPD program (to a maximum of $100) completed by this date.


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