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How to file the transaction levy or exemption form

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What documentation must be submitted to LAWPRO for the levy surcharge?

In My LAWPRO, complete and remit the civil litigation and/ or real estate transaction summary forms and applicable quarterly payments.). On the transaction summary form or on an accompanying attachment, list the names of all lawyers whose transactions are included on the form.

Who may file documentation on a member’s behalf?

Lawyers may delegate to their firms the responsibility of completing and remitting civil litigation and/or real estate transaction summary forms and quarterly payments. However, it remains the responsibility of the individual lawyer to ensure that the surcharge forms are submitted accurately and on time to LAWPRO.

When are levy surcharge payments due?

The transaction levies must be accumulated and paid quarterly within thirty days of the last day of March, June, September and December.

Can I file the required levy forms online?

Yes, transaction levy forms can be filed online at My LAWPRO.

When should I file an exemption form?

If you will not be practicing any real estate or civil litigation during the year, you are exempt from paying transaction levy surcharges and will need to file an exemption form. To avoid having to file each quarter, file the annual exemption form before April 30th. Lawyers admitted into practice after that date should file the exemption form within 30 days of the last day of the next June, September or December.

In 2023 we introduced automatic exemption from the transaction levy filing requirements for lawyers on the Restricted Area of Practice premium discount.

 I didn’t have any transactions this quarter. Do I still need to file a form?

Yes, you are still required to file declaring you had zero transactions.

Land Acknowledgement

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