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Premiums, Payments and Refunds

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About premiums

The amount owed on the invoice I received is different than the amount shown on my Declarations page. Which amount is the correct one?

Both amounts are correct, however, the amount shown on the Declarations page does not include PST. The full amount that should be remitted to LAWPRO (i.e., premium plus PST) is reflected on the premium invoice.

I have filed my renewal application for 2019 and want to take advantage of the early payment discount. How can I do that?

LAWYERS who have renewed their practice coverage under the primary LSO program for 2019 and pay their annual premiums in full, by cheque or by providing pre-authorized banking information, where payment is dated and received by LAWPRO on or before February 6, 2019, are entitled to claim the early payment discount.

Deduct $54 per INSURED LAWYER from the invoiced amount (i.e., – $50 for the discount and -$4 for PST).

I just received my invoice and see that there is a Late Application or No Application Surcharge that has been applied to my account. Why was this surcharge applied?

The Late or No Application Surcharge has been applied to your account because we did not receive your completed application by the specified deadline(s). These surcharges are authorized by Convocation pursuant to Rule 50 of section 62(1) of the Law Society Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L. 8.

Lawyers who do not file an application for coverage by the deadline are required to pay an increased premium as they represent a higher risk. In fact, as a group, those who file late or not at all are more than twice as likely to have a claim reported than lawyers who do file in a timely way.

How much GST is payable on my annual LAWPRO insurance premiums?

There is no GST payable on your insurance premiums, however, the eight per cent PST is applicable.

About payments

I misplaced my original invoice and Declarations page that I received at the beginning of the year. Can I get a copy?

You can access your original invoice and Declarations page on My LAWPRO. Log in using your Law Society of Ontario number and your personal password, then click on Primary Policy Documents and choose the applicable year.

Due to a bank error, my premium payment for last month was not processed. How can I rectify this?

Send explicit written instructions to [email protected] to either re-run the payment using the existing credit card or banking information that LAWPRO has on file, or provide LAWPRO with alternate payment instructions.

How do I change my payment instalment option from lump sum to monthly payments?

The option to pay by instalments is only available with a valid credit card or chequing account for automatic payments to be debited. You must file a Premium Payment Authorization for a new credit card or chequing account.

To change payment information or instalment payment option, email [email protected] at least ten days prior to any payment date.

My credit card was recently lost/stolen and I wish to provide LAWPRO with new payment information. How do I do that?

Complete the Update Payment form to instantly change your credit card information on record, or complete and return a Premium Payment Authorization form. If changes are to be made to the payment information or instalment payment option, advise us in writing at [email protected] at least 10 days prior to any payment date.

A third party is paying my premiums using a credit card. Do they need to fill out a special form?

If the credit card is owned by a third party, other than another LAWYER or PARALEGAL PARTNER OR SHAREHOLDER in the LAW FIRM, the LAW FIRM itself, or a management or other company of the LAW FIRM, you must obtain the consent of the third party authorizing the transaction and have them complete this form.

A third party includes the spouse of the applicant LAWYER or the spouse of another LAWYER in the firm; a non-LAWYER employee of the LAW FIRM; or any other third party. This third party authorization will apply to future POLICY years, unless LAWPRO is advised in writing otherwise.

If you are a LAWYER and would like to submit a payment authorization for your premium or the premium of another LAWYER who is a member of your LAW FIRM, please do not use this form, but sign-in to My LAWPRO to make a payment.

About refunds

I retired from the active practice of law six months ago, but forgot to file an exemption form. If I file the Application for Exemption today, and put the effective date as of six months ago, can I get a prorated refund dating back six months?

Refunds are not issued further back than 30 days, as you had the benefit of the full limit coverage in place to respond to CLAIMS that may have been made against you during that period.

Appreciating that it may take some time for you to complete and file your Application for Exemption form, a prorated refund can be issued for up to the 30-day period immediately before LAWPRO’s receipt of your Exemption form.

Any return of premiums is made payable to the original payor, unless otherwise requested by you and the original payor in writing. For those carrying the Real Estate Practice Coverage Option, we are not able to backdate for this 30-day period.

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